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Alextstrasza the great Red Dragon Aspect, upon learning of a possible and great threat to the Dragon Aspects including herself, tasked two of the strongest and most loyal members of her brood, Korialzstrasz or Krasus  and Kcazestrasz or Kcaz, who was a Archmage and personal counsel of the Human Kingdoms King Varian Wrynn, as well as a Trusted friend and confidant of Medivh the master of Kharazan, who upon Medivh's death inherited Kharazan becoming its new master and the next Guardian of the Tirisfalen. Krasus was tasked with the job of Archmage of the Kirin Tor and information gatherer on the goings on of the Mortal Realms for Alexstrasza. Kcaz was tasked with forming a guild of the Great Heroes of the Mortal Kingdoms to defend the Dragon Aspects against anything that should threaten them. Kcaz formed the guild naming it Dragons Templar, upon gathering these great heroes he knew that the leadership had to go to the bravest of these mortals, and so he chose Nyghtmyst to carry on the important role of guild leader. He then charged Nyghtmyst with choosing the finest of the guild to serve as her dedicated officers. However in time Nyghtmyst found herself faced with a great personal foe that she knew would cause her to make decisions that wouldn't aid the guild or its cause, only herself. So she noblely handed over leadership to the great Night Elf Priestess Aryel.  After a year had passed Dragons Templar was forced to exile Daemira's (one of the guilds most loyal officers) younger daughter Melruin from the guild because of her now personal relationship with Illidan Stormrage. Melruin felt no ill, but instead created a guild of Illidari that would serve as allies to Dragons Templar that would aid it in it’s cause to protect the Great Dragon Aspects from anything that should threaten them with the power of the Night Elf Demon Hunter and Master of the Black Temple Illidan Stormrage’s power and forces. Aryel soon realized however that though her guild had the backing of the entire Red Dragonflight for aid that Dragons Templar would also need more allies besides the Illidari within the Mortal Realms where it drew its resources from, and so Aryel contacted the Guild Masters of a few other guilds whom she had known for a long time and whom she trusted as friends to procure their alliances and pledges to Dragons Templar’s cause and aid should the Dragon Aspects require it.

The two guilds that Aryel contacted Shattered Sun and Åñwå Ñössê both agreed to the proposed alliance providing Aryel and Alexstrasza their pledge of aid and alliance, soon after she contacted Shattered Sun and Brave Hearts and gained their pledge of aid and alliance. Dragons Templar played a large role in bringing about the downfall of the Burning Legion with the aid of Kcazestrasz, master of Kharazan and Guardian of the Tirisfalen. They then began to work towards the Downfall of Arthas when he arose in Northrend as the Lich King, and they played a large role alongside the Argent Crusade in finally seeing Arthas brought to his knees and healed of the corruption that had been caused by Frostmourne. Kcaz took the shattered remains of Frostmourne to his brother Krasus and together they commissioned the construction of the monument in the Flying City of the Kirin Tor Dalaran, that commemorated the lives lost during the long and hard campaign to destroy the Lich King. Under the strong leadership of Aryel and her Officers Dragons Templar shall also fight alongside the Dragonflights to Destroy Deathwing and his Prismatic Dragonflight and cleanse the world once and for all of the corruption Deathwing has caused...

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